Sunday, March 16, 2008

Us Kids

I love my new family. This is Ellie Mae, my new sister, Ava and me. I'm just learning how to blog, so please keep checking in, I'll have new stuff up as often as mom and dad let me on the computer. In this picture, mom was trying to get a good picture to put in the Mechanicsville Local to announce Ava's birth. Ellie Mae needed to be in the picture, too. Right now, my mom is typing, but pretty soon, I'll be doing all the work. As soon as I get used to blogging. Well, it's off to do my project on maps and Virginia!! Due Wednesday!!

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Miss Robin said...

Hi Tyler,
I think you are one lucky boy to have a great dog AND a sweet baby sister. I'm glad you were at church today and I hope you had a fun Easter party.
Miss Robin (Sunday School Teacher)